Starting over

It is the first day of the New Year, 2010 and it is dark outside. On the left side of the bus, the moon is full, still high in the sky over Regina, Saskatchewan. On the right, traces of pink and orange can be see as the sun lumbers somewhere under the horizon. It’s cold, very cold.

For me, 2009 ended in very much the same fashion as it started, on the road, in a hotel room, by myself. Last year it was much the same, but I was in Calgary. This year, it is Regina. Next year, could be Buffalo, who knows. Never the less, 2009 brought many challenges, learning experiences and opportunities. I can only hope to build on the progress I made in 2009, in every aspect of my life.

Last night, as I finished up my second game of the day between the Czech Republic and Russia, I began the process of tearing down all the gear and packing up the office I had put together in Regina, just before Christmas. Jan 1 is a travel and load-in day in Saskatoon where I will hook up with the crew that is already on-site at the CUC. We will prepare to provide 2-man coverage of the playoff rounds of the 2010 World Junior Championships for the IIHF and the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Images on Ice program. Jeff Vinnick and myself will be shooting and Steve Poirier will be editing our material as we work through 11 games in 4 days. Matthew Murnaghan, who was my editor in Regina flies back to Toronto this morning to look after a corporate project on the 2nd of January. Although the crew in Saskatoon has already been there and working since the tournament began, it is all new for me when I arrive and I will be staring at square one all over again. It marks the start of a new adventure in one that is already underway. Similarly, January 1st marks the start of another great adventure as I move into my 2nd full year operation with CornerStone Creative Group. It is a year that will take me through numerous events, which should prove challenging, including the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I hope I can make the very best out of every moment and opportunity that happens my way.

Best wishes for 2010.


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