Day 2 – The real beginning!

Today was the first day of shooting assignments on our schedule and we had 5 of the women’s teams on tap for the day. A reasonable day on all accounts, but then again, things aren’t always what they seem.

After an early start and a decent breakfast, Steve and I grabbed a cab and made our way to the UBC, Thunderbird Arena. (The host venue for the Women’s Ice Hockey event) Along with ourselves, our computer bags and camera cases, we had the standard compliment of studio gear for shooting the portraits and team photos on the ice. A luggage entourage consisting of 2 hard-shell cases which are about the size of a large suitcase (and weighing just as much), 1 long light stand bag (similar to that of a long golf bag) and 1 monster of a duffle bag, full of cables and extension cords. All-in-all weighing in at somewhere around 300 pounds I would say.

After making our way through various suburbs of Vancouver and seeing some very impressive houses along the way, we arrived at or near the UBC campus, and the rink, as was evident by the ever-present green, turquoise and blue branding of the 2010 games. Unfortunately, the security and traffic protocol made it so that our cab wasn’t able to get any closer to the entrance of the building than about 1 kilometer. Now typically, 1 klick is not considered a great distance, but with 7 heavy and awkward bags, along with an ever-shrinking timeline to get set-up and started, the distance became somewhat of a challenge. Steve set off to try and locate some help for our little endeavor while I stayed with the gear at curbside of the vehicle checkpoint. After a good 15-20 minutes, I could see the familiar silhouette of my colleague making his way back towards me,… no back up in tow. “I guess we have to haul it from here!” he said, and off we went. Finally, after multiple trips, we arrived at the media entrance to the venue and we were greeted by a contingent of security staff and scanning equipment that would rival most small airports. Thankful, the crew of staff and volunteers were efficient and friendly throughout the ordeal of inspecting each and every piece of gear we had and finally the door to the rink was actually in sight. An hour and a half of time for traveling between 2 points that are suppose to take 10 minutes on a normal day.

Once inside, I began to setup the lights and other materials required at the various spots designated for our work while Steve took on the task of trying to locate and contact the team leaders from each team to coordinate our photo efforts.

Things started to roll along in the right direction with the arrival of the athletes and some familiar faces from events gone by. As they made their way through our gauntlet of posses and continued to lighten the mood as they went, the hours dropped away and we found ourselves on the ice with team USA taking the last team photo of the day. Although 1 team wasn’t able to get their photos completed because of a some missing personnel, we made a health start on many of the tasks we need to accomplish in our time here and it just went to show that when you are persistent and work to stay positive, things will and do turn around to come out right in the end.



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