Day 4 – Opening it up!

Today was a little crazier than the others, so far,… Given that the open ceremonies were schedule for tonight, something as simple as going to pick up some gear at one location and moving it to GM Place or Hockey Canada Place as it is now known, was an all day ordeal. Thankfully, we took our tickets and gear with us when we left the hotel this morning, knowing that the chances of getting back home (the hotel in this case) and then back down to BC Place was going to be next to impossible, but it all worked out.

Now, the opening ceremony was unlike anything I have ever see before. I was seated in one of the photo tribunes, which was what seemed like miles away from the action, and there were at least 60 other photographers in this designated area alone. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal at all, but considering pretty well everyone was sporting a 400mm lens or bigger along with 3-4 bodies and laptops for filing, real-estate quickly became at a premium. Now, for all those keeping score, it looked like a 50/50 split, Nikon/Cannon. Most of us made our way to our seats around 3:30pm for the 6:00pm local start as that is what was stated on our ticket, so the wait for things to get going was a long one, but once the show got started, it was pretty amazing.

Once it was over though, it when the chaos began again, trying to get out of the building and over to CHP to access our office and file some pictures. 50,000+ people, all with the same idea as you, but being herded in a single direction made it a bit difficult, along with the rain.

Once we rendezvoused at the office and filed our pictures, it was of to the hotel for a beer, some food and a hot shower,… that’s next!

Until tomorrow, enjoy!


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