Day 6 – Ear buds and funny sport jackets

So yesterday ran a bit long with 2 games, some equipment issues and then a team meeting before our big day of shooting portraits and team photos of the men’s team, so unfortunately, I didn’t get to write anything until now. And as it is, we are just between teams and we are waiting for team Russia to arrive.

Yesterday afternoon was interesting though, and a bit of a first. Team USA was playing team China in the first women’s game at the UBC Thunderbird arena and Vice President Joe Biden decided to take in the game and was in attendance. That being said, along with the VP, come an entourage of staff and support people, some of which are wired and have strange looking sport jackets. And as you can imagine, it cause a bit of a stir, especially with a full house of press photographers on hand to capture the USA team in action.

The game was as expected with the US winning 12-1, but China’s lone goal was something to celebrate and gave the fans a touch of thrill towards the end of the game.

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