Day 7 – Men’s player portraits and team photos

Well, today was a long one, (which one hasn’t been) and it was quite busy,… But I took time to enjoy some of the lighter things throughout the day, like;

When I was shooting pictures of pretty well the top 40 hockey players in the world in the span of 30 minutes when team Russia and team Canada went back to back for their player portraits. Players like Ovechkin, Malkin, Semin, Datsyuk, Nabokov, Fedorov, Gonchar, Afinogenov and Kovalchuck, follow by Iginla, Heatley, Thornton, Pronger, Staal, Perry, Niedermayer, Brodeur, Nash and Crosby. All filing in and staring right down the barrel of my lens for their headshot. Ok, not really a huge deal, but something of a small pleasure to welcome them into the studio area, exchange some pleasantries and wish them a good afternoon. Surprisingly, all of them were quite happy to chat for a brief moment, and many of them comment on how quick and painless the whole process was,… A little feather in my cap!

During that time, we also had Chris Pronger come in for his portrait and completely submerge his head in water to make sure his hair and face were completely wet as to look ‘game ready’ as he put it.

But certainly, one of the most interesting moments was when we had the entire US team and staff on the ice for their team picture, setup in close to record time, only to have some of the staff in the front row muttering some ‘words of encouragement’ in favour of me moving things along. As I took my eye away from the view finder after a handful of solid frames, I smiled and said, “That’s it guys, all done! Thanks!”

Capping off the day in which Steve and I skipped breakfast in favour of making it into the rink early, and then never had the chance at lunch or supper, we were able to gain access to the IIHF VIP lounge for a cocktail and some munchies. And now, time for bed. First 3 men’s games tomorrow,… looks like a 9am-1am shift tomorrow,… Ouch!

Enjoy, and check out some more images @ .


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