Day 8 – 15 hours, 3 hockey games and many, many pictures!

This was a tough one,… toughest one yet actually. Steve and I got to the rink at 9am to start prep for our first game of the day, which was at noon. We setup the office, I marked my position and set a remote camera. Bang! Time for warm up to start and we are off to the races.

First up was USA-SUI where the Swiss played a solid game, but the US talent and size took over in the long run giving the US team the win. Then it was the ‘home opener’ of sorts, CAN-NOR, where it took Canada sometime to gel as a team and Norway played a strong game, not backing down from the gold medal favourite. In the end, Canada, of course took the win. Then, the late show, starting at 9pm local time, had RUS-LAT. The Russian star-studded line up started quick at continued to roll over Latvia.

We finished up around 1100pm, packed up and headed home for a nice meal of McDonalds drive through on our way back to the hotel. I should mention that I was able to fit a quick trip to the MPC (Main Press Centre) in between games 2 and 3 and I was able to grab a bagel for Steve and I then.

More to come tomorrow.

Be sure to check out for more photos!



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