Ok, so I have faltered, and at one time or another, became a fan for a brief moment during the course of a workday.

I happened to see Hall of Fame Linesman, Ray Scapinello sitting in one of the dressing rooms during the Hall of Fame Legends game this year and went over. “Hello Mr. Scapinello, great pleasure to see you again sir!” I said. Of course, as anyone who really knows Ray Scapinello, would tell you, that is certainly not his style. Anyways, Ray replied, No, no Matthew, Ray is just fine.” with an extended hand. “Great to see you too! How are things?” Who would have though such a kind and down to earth guy is and was one of the biggest (not in stature) officials in National Hockey League history? And to my surprise, he actually remembered my name! Now perhaps this was because of the camera in my hand and the fact that I had the pleasure to photograph Ray and his family 1-year earlier when he was being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.┬áNever the less, it was one of those honest and true moments I occasionally get to experience, which is a constant reminder, that there are good people in hockey. Ray, always a pleasure to see you, on or off the ice, with or without stripes.



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