Day 18 – Catching up!

Boy, the days are flying by and I haven’t posted anything. Where do the hours go? I know I have already talked about it, but the days where we had 3 games were just deadly! At this point, how about a recap?

Day 11 – Today was sort of an off day where I was scheduled to shoot close up pictures of the awards being given to the 22 honoured members of the Triple Gold Club, followed by a team photo for the Slovaks’. Not really a bad day at all and a good chance to catch up on reviewing and archiving some of the material we already shot.

Day 12 – Another 3 game outing today featuring NOR v SUI, SVK v LAT and then GER v BLR on the men’s side. Start time, 8am, finish time, 1 am. Many, many pictures.

Day 13 – Today, was a great day of hockey, 3 games, featuring some great international rivalries. First it was RUS v CZE, followed by CAN v USA, capped off with FIN v SWE on the men’s side. This was the day in which Canada dropped their final preliminary game to the USA, forcing them to play in a quarterfinal game.

Day 14 – With the men’s events taking a day off, it was a full day with 2 semifinal games in the women’s event, along with the placement games and finishing off the day with the Triple Gold Club celebrations. This was a real amazing treat as I was able to shoot some exclusive pictures of 22 hockey players who had captured the top 3 prizes in hockey over the course of their career. I was also privileged enough to get my own photo with the Stanley Cup, the World Championship trophy and a gold medal from the Nagano Olympic games.

Day 15 – This was the day in which Canada’s men’s team played Germany in a quarterfinal match up after suffering a 5-3 loss to the US in the preliminary rounds. The place (CHP) was decked out in red and white as far as the eye could see and it was loud. A do or die game and the Germans would have enjoyed nothing less then spoiling for the home team. The late game was somewhat anticlimactic between SVK and Norway. Although, the game itself was quite good, finishing in a respectable 4-3 score.

Day 16 – The Canada win against Germany setup arguably the game of all time, or at least one in the making for the past 2 years between Canada and Russia. But first, the US had to take on Switzerland to earn a berth in the semifinals, which they did, and then Canada went on to spank Russia, stunning the star-studded line up along with everyone else in the hockey world by a score of 7-3. Finally, Slovakia upset Sweden and sending them home. It was a long day, full of surprises, including some great pictures.

Day 17 – Women’s finals. Today was a classic scene in women’s hockey where Canada and the US would be playing off for the goal medal, and Finland would battle Sweden for the Bronze medal. It was an intense day, the first game saw Finland beat Sweden 3-2 in a seesaw battle and then Team Canada went on to win the gold medal while 18,000 crazed fans blew the roof off the CHP. Unfortunately, given some strict and strange (in my opinion) around ice access for the post game ceremonies, I stayed in my elevated position just below the TV cameras and captured the exciting finish while my colleague and fellow crew member, Jeff Vinnick, waited in the Zamboni tunnel for the last 10 minutes of the period and then made his way out onto the ice after the winning celebrations was over. Regardless, we made some great pictures and it was amazing just to be here to watch it. I especially enjoyed when the US team was receiving their silver medals and the entire building began to chant in true Canadian style USA, USA, USA. One word, respect.

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