Day 20 – The big dance

Today is the day. It is the day we have all been working towards. The collective of personnel providing a myriad of services during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. It is an early start time today, relatively speaking, with puck drop @ 12:15 pacific time,… and it is going to be nuts.

It was raining this morning and Steve and I made our ritualistic trip in from our airport hotel via taxi. We had the driver drop us in our usual spot on the corner of Abbott St. and some other street where the Tinsel Town Mall is located. We made our way into the Starbucks on the corner as we have every day for the past twenty or so. A tall, half sweet, non-fat, no whip mocha, a tall non-fat, double shot latte with a slice of banana loaf.

With our white cups in hand we made the short walk over to gate 9 where the media entry is located and found that the line-up had already been forming. With the rain pelting down on us, we all queued up for our security screening procedures, which has become strictly mandatory for everyone entering the venue today. Word is that the PM will be in the house for the big game, along with a potential appearance by none other than Barack Obama.

In the line up, we chat with many of the other photographers who have been covering the event, all of which have become familiar faces. In the intense few weeks of work, some new, sort of professional relationships have developed and it has been interesting to get to know many of the experts working in the field of photography today. Some, I already knew or have met, some I knew of but had never met, and some I had no idea who they were, but came to know and respect them just the same.

Today we will all be working to capture the decisive moment and the excitement around this special game. Many of the photographers here will be competing against one another for ‘the’ pictures of the day, but even though there is a slight tension of nerves in the air, the mood is light and everyone seems to be in great spirits despite the cold rain.

I am looking forward to a great hockey game, perhaps one of the best ever played to date and regardless of who wins, I have no doubt it will be one to remember.

Be sure to check out for all the latest on the Gold Medal game including photos!



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